Jury prize and audience prize at the Cabourg drones festival

Calais Jungle project

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With Drone Press we would like to offer all our clients, media, be they institutions or industrial, a thoroughly modern and skilled communications tool. Whether it is photography or video, we will make it possible for you to achieve your projects with technical and artistic dimensions never before displayed.


Our services are directed to all sectors of activity where the use of drones brings an economical, technical and creative solution. For rich video shots in a clip, a documentary or promotional film, coverage of a corporate or news event, inspection of works, unattainable areas, etc…no need to erect scaffolding, traveling rails, rent a crane or a helicopter, no need to put in place costly and time consuming means. Setting up a drone only takes a few minutes and immediately opens unsuspected perspectives. In the last years, rarely has a technological innovation brought such a strong answer to your craziest dreams.

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Of course the professional use of these intriguing flying machines implies the respect of the law set in place for that purpose.

Drone Press is homologated by the DGAC and the necessary local authorizations are presently underway for most of the territory.

But more than anything, it is our deepest conviction that the appearance and development of such a promising activity can only be carried out with a constant concern for security.

Photo and video by drone